How to find home builder in your area?

Make a list of potential buildersContact your local homebuilders association for a list of builders building homes in your area. Look for builders and projects in the real estate section of your local newspaper. Local real estate agents can also help you in your search. As a real estate agent who works with builders, from cookie-cutter houses to custom homes, AB Homes offers a quality product at an affordable price.

A story in Dwell magazine featured a Peter Johnson Builders house on the James River, which received the Honor and Excellence Award in Residential Design from the American Institute of Architects of Virginia (AIA). He is also a member of the Blue Ridge Home Builders Association (BRHBA) and has received the Earth Craft House Certification (ECHC). Builders distribute their profits every part of the process, allowing them to include all charges in the purchase price of your home. The Pacesetter Award from Custom Homes magazine went to recognize Foleys as one of the top 10 custom builders in the country.

With so many compelling reasons to start with a builder, the next step is to find a great custom home builder. They imagine that they will start by finding the perfect lot, they will proceed to hire an architect, they will use the architect's plans to solicit offers from custom home builders, and then they will choose the best deal. Serving Charlottesville and Albemarle Counties for more than 30 years, Peter Johnson Builders is proud to be a “low-volume, high-quality custom home contractor. He was president of the Williamsburg Community Builders Association (WCBA) and former president of the Peninsula Housing & Builders Association (PHBA).

The firm has also been featured in American Builders Quarterly and other national publications, such as Town & Country, Residential Architect, Custom Home, Electronic House and Home Magazine. Custom home builders usually build a unique home to customer specifications on their own land. Michael Schnitzer has more than 30 years of construction experience, has managed the construction of more than 2000 homes and has won the Professional Builder Magazine award as “Best House Built in America”.