Which country is best for house construction?

There's a good reason why Illinois tops our list of construction workers. Construction is increasing across the state, particularly in Chicago, which has the second highest number of tower cranes in operation of any city in the United States. Considering that construction is consistently among the most dangerous industries, with 250 incidents per 10,000 full-time employees (FTE), the benefits of having a safe construction site are very clear. As we move forward in a post-COVID world, it's worth investigating which countries are competing for explosive growth in the construction industry and where construction workers are safe, in demand and receive a fair and respectable wage.

Another worrying fact for construction workers who want to move to Australia is that the construction industry carries a high risk in this country. Over an eight-month period, 102 incidents involving 559 companies were recorded. This also explains why Australia scored lower on our list of the best countries for construction workers. Despite its high sensitivity to major economic changes, the construction industry in the EU tends to pay its employees well.

However, the salary varies substantially depending on the location and country where construction workers work. Here is a brief breakdown of where construction workers make the most of them among European countries and where they can start a successful career in construction. In addition, with higher salaries than in many other countries in Europe, construction workers seeking employment in France will benefit from the country's high standards. If construction workers decide to move to Germany, it will certainly be a wise decision, as the country offers above-average construction income, has a low cost of living (6.15% lower than in the United States) and has a high concentration of construction work.

Texas is another American state worth mentioning as one of the places with great opportunities for construction workers. The state's growing population and the pandemic-driven home sales boom are in high demand for construction workers. This booming construction industry means more work for Texas-based companies. When it comes to wages, Texas construction workers enjoy relatively higher wages than most states, ranking 11th on our list.

This is great news for construction workers who want to move to Texas, especially considering the state's low cost of living. This means that if you don't mind making the effort to do a little research into the rules and regulations for self-construction abroad, there are great opportunities in other countries to get the property of your dreams exactly as you designed it. The result of this is that, if you decide that the rules and regulations for self-construction in the UK are too restrictive, you might decide that it would be better to pack your bags and look for the perfect plot of land in foreign climates.